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The Best MT Services for Your Language Pairs

Affordable, High-quality Translations with Online Machine Translation Services

Compared to a few years ago we live in fortunate times when we want to to translate from one human language into another using machines: there are many affordable online machine translation (MT) services available delivering high-quality translations. 

MT Quality Matters

For perishable, low-impact content web publishers can publish machine translated text directly in the languages they need. When high-quality human-edited translations are needed, translation providers can use machine translations as draft translations for post-editing for increased speed and efficiency - provided that the machine translations are of sufficient quality.

But MT quality varies as much as 54% or more than 9 BLEU points(!) between different MT services for some language pairs. This is a huge difference!

What are the Best MT Services for Your Language Pairs?

How then can MT users determine which MT providers offer the best quality for the content and language pairs they want to translate? 

In the blog post "An MT Journey in 11 Easy Steps" I described a detailed process to choose and integrate MT solutions: picking MT service candidates, creating project-specific test data, performing human and/or automatic evaluation on the data, and finally integrating the winning service. This is certainly the right thing to do for large MT projects. For such projects Polyglot Technology is offering consulting and is collaborating with TAUS to publish evaluation reports on TAUS' Domain-enhanced Machine Translation (DeMT™) and to jointly offer the tailored TAUS DeMT™ Evaluate service.

But what about smaller translation projects which seem to be the norm these days? We at Polyglot Technology realized that the industry needed something lighter weight to choose the best or close to the best MT service for a given language pair without a lot of overhead.

Vendor-independent, Transparent, Quarterly Evaluation - the MT Decider Benchmark

This low-overhead solution is now available as the MT Decider Benchmark - a vendor-independent, transparent, quarterly evaluation of major online MT services.

Reliable, Detailed Data for Decision Makers

The MT Decider Benchmark, to date, is the largest published benchmark of major MT online services using publicly available, high-quality test data and industry-standard automated evaluation metrics. It provides reliable, detailed data for decision makers.

Sample Language Report French → English

What does an evaluation report look like for a language combination? We offer a free sample report for French → English for the second quarter of 2022.

Save 20% Until September 20th

For the launch of MT Decider Benchmark we offer a 20% discount until September 20th with the discount code "launch20" at checkout.